How Aphria Continues to Grow in a Challenging Economic Environment

This week Aphria (APHA) announced that its subsidiary in Malta, ASG Pharma received the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification…

With this new certification APHA is now allowed to produce and research medical marijuana products at its facility in Malta and has the ability to now import cannabis resin and dried flowers along with being able to package and distribute GMP-compliant cannabis products all across Europe. This is a huge step for APHA as they continue to execute and expand on their international growth initiatives.

On APHA’s last earnings call the company confirmed that the analytical laboratory it’s constructing in Malta will be fully operational in the second half of its fiscal 2020. APHA intends to perform cannabis processing and packaging operations at this facility.

Although Malta is a small country, the real reason investors should be excited about this announcement is that APHA will now be able to ship its products across Europe where medical marijuana use is legal. This is APHA’s third EU GMP certification this year. The company received an EU GMP certifications for its Aphria One Facility in Ontario, as well as for another subsidiary, Avanti Rx Analytics.

This recent certification will undoubtedly help APHA gain traction in the medical cannabis market which is one of Europe’s most profitable sectors.

Aphria CEO Irwin D. Simon had some positive remarks on the recent certification, “We are pleased to receive EU GMP certification for ASG in Malta, our third facility to achieve this milestone, which really speaks to the Company’s commitment to quality. We remain excited about growth opportunities as this increases our ability to serve, and further strengthens Aphria’s leadership, in the European Union.”

The company’s ASG facility is a…

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