Cannabis 2021: Five Things To Watch

For many, the 2020 lockdown experience was punctuated by Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit, and also best viewed in hindsight. 2021 has arrived and is poised to be a pivotal year for the cannabis complex. The tailwinds of political support, ‘essential’ status, legalization in 70% of US states, local government desire for tax revenue and…

increased public health focus are expected to drive a five-year 27% industry CAGR – making this industry one of the fastest growing in the world. A classic emerging market, it is likely that cannabis proves to be the best performing asset class this decade and also unlikely that any sector remains untouched by this plant as we continue our march toward global acceptance.

In Cannabis 2020: Five Things To Watch, we anticipated changing attitudes from major professional sports teams, the opening of six to eight new state markets, increased use of cannabinoids in supplements, meaningful global change and positive impact under a Biden administration.

How Did We Do?

The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, ratified on March 15th, 2020, no longer suspends players for cannabis use. The NBA is now the only major sports league with game suspensions – and only once a player tests positive on three of four random tests administered during a season. Seven state ballot initiatives passed in the November 4th vote, the WHO and the UN now support global rescheduling, and the Biden administration has publicly stated it will decriminalize cannabis. While the FDA currently disallows the use of CBD in supplements, products containing other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and CBC are now available nationally

Five Things To Watch in 2021:

Rise of The Cannabis Beverage: Consumer preferences are migrating from artificial and invigorating toward natural and calming. Functional benefits, craft appeal, natural ingredients, experimental flavors and low caloric counts are all in favor, trends that when combined with the health benefits of cannabis are likely to drive outsized sub-sector growth in the infused beverage space. The emergence of new infusion technologies is driving the next generation of functional cannabis drinks and opening the door for new consumers to try cannabis in a familiar, discreet and often healthier way.

Biosynthesis: Simply put, biosynthesis is the production of molecules by living organisms such as bacteria, algae, yeast and fungi. While we first opined on this space nearly three years ago in March, 2018, science is now able to harness the power of these tiny biological manufacturing systems to produce many rare cannabinoids. This implies a…

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