Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy This Week? 2 Delivering Strong Earnings In 2021

This week, US cannabis companies are driving top marijuana stocks to invest in. For the most part, many leading American MSOs are delivering strong earnings, and some are setting record revenue growth…

After reaching new highs in February 2021 the cannabis sector has been pulling back for the past five months. Now after several months of consolidation top pot stocks are bouncing off some of their lowest price points in 2021.

With an upward trend so far in August, this could be a good time to add some of the best-performing cannabis stocks to your watchlist. Right now, the US cannabis industry is seeing substantial growth and cannabis companies are expanding to gain market share. This growth has resulted in significant increases in sales for the leading US cannabis companies.  As many report earnings this month it’s important to watch to see who beats analysts’ expectations. Comparatively, these are usually the companies that deliver for shareholders the best returns.

Another factor that could cause upside in pot stocks is US marijuana legalization. On the state level, the cannabis industry has been growing rapidly across the US. On the other hand, much-needed federal policy changes on cannabis seem to be taking longer than investors and analysts expected. Although we have seen some progress in 2021, we still don’t have the introduction of cannabis legislation that will gain enough support to end prohibition.

Best Cannabis Stocks In 2021 As Marijuana Companies Report Earnings

For investors, this could be a good time to research top marijuana stocks to buy. One important factor that investors should be aware of is market activity. Most important…

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