7 Cannabis Stocks That Should Be Profitable in 2021

After years of waiting, the big day has finally arrived for North American cannabis stocks. In 2021, more than half a dozen pot stocks are expected to push into the black. This will definitively demonstrate that the legal weed industry is legitimate and can be a serious moneymaker…

After (pardon the pun) weeding through dozens of marijuana stocks, I found seven that Wall Street forecasts will be profitable in the upcoming year. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Green Thumb Industries

I’m very excited about vertically integrated U.S. multistate operator (MSO) Green Thumb Industries (OTC:GTBIF). Its focus on Illinois, tourist-heavy Nevada, and New Jersey should allow it to reach $1 billion in annual sales by 2022. All three states are on track to generate more than $1 billion in annual weed revenue by 2024, with Nevada forecast to lead the country in cannabis spending per capita.

Aside from its state-level focus, Green Thumb’s product mix is the secret to its success. Approximately two-thirds of the company’s revenue stems from high-margin derivatives — a product category that includes edibles, infused beverages, vapes, concentrates, and topicals. By pushing these higher-priced and higher-margin goods, Green Thumb has set itself up to turn the corner to profitability more quickly than most of its peers.

2. Trulieve Cannabis

MSO Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF) is currently the most nominally profitable pot stock on the planet, so it’s no surprise that Wall Street expects a healthy profit in 2021.

Trulieve’s focus on the Florida market drives its outperformance. The company has 73 operational dispensaries nationwide, 68 of which are located in the Sunshine State. By saturating Florida, where medical marijuana is legal, Trulieve has been able to gobble up roughly half the state’s market share. Meanwhile, it has successfully built up its brand, which has helped keep its marketing costs down.

Florida is also widely expected to put a…

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