2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch To Close Out The Week

Its been a volatile time for the majority of marijuana stocks over the last several months. Investors are left wondering what is it going to take for cannabis stocks to see a significant rise in trading. As of late…

it’s a good time to buy marijuana stocks while the sector is down. Yet even with the sector down, it’s now turned into a waiting game in regards to when things will turn around.

At one point in time when the sector would dip down, it would not take long for cannabis stocks to recover. To which even while recovering some companies would reach new highs. However in recent trading that is no longer the case. Fears and concerns surrounding the sector about the future of investing in marijuana stocks. Some investors have even sold off their position to cut their losses while others are holding on.

With the cannabis industry becoming more regulated and somewhat controlled there is a worry that the sector may not reach the levels it once saw. For instance, from November 2020 to mid-February 2021 the cannabis sector was on a substantial climb. During this time period if the sector did see some pullback it would most times bounce to a higher level than before.

However, currently, the sector is not performing how it used to which is also causing confusion and frustration among shareholders. For now, it seems the game plan for those who still have their position is to remain patient for better trading. Now with how unpredictable marijuana stocks can be there is no time frame or guarantee things will rise. But nevertheless, people are still looking for ways to invest in the cannabis space. So with the 2 cannabis stocks below these may be a good start to looking to invest.

Marijuana Stocks For Your 2021 Watchlist

  1. Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ:CGC)
  2. AFC Gamma, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFCG)

Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth Corporation is known as one of the more progressive Canadian cannabis companies in the space. The company together with its subsidiaries engages in the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis and hemp-based products for recreational and medical purposes primarily in Canada, the United States, and Germany. It operates through two segments, Global Cannabis, and Other Consumer Products.

In recent news, Canopy has reported its first-quarter fiscal 2022 financial results. Some highlights to mention the company achieved 23% revenue growth in Q1 2022 versus Q1 2021. Which was driven by…

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