2 Marijuana Stocks That Investors Are Learning More About In 2021

When it comes to marijuana stock investing understanding the rules of the road is important beforehand. Especially with the way most of the sector has been performing over the last 6-7 months. During this time the entire sector…

began its drop in trading and created what has been a long downtrend. Now in between these last 6-7 months, small upticks in reading have taken place. But it was not able to be sustained and only gave a moment of hope for some investors.

Nevertheless, the overall progress of the cannabis industry in its entirety is still ongoing. For instance, more than half of the United States has legalized marijuana in some form. Due to this legal markets around the USA have seen substantial growth. In addition to seeing an increase in the demand for more cannabis and marijuana products. As well as some of these states generating record-breaking revenue.

What some investors feel is if things continue down this same path MSO cannabis companies stand the best chance at sustaining the most profitability. Mainly because most of them even in a down market and through a pandemic has been able to display growth potential. This growth was shown by companies expanding into other legal states or through mergers or buyouts. This metric has been used to help some investors make decisions in regards to buying marijuana stocks in 2021.

Cannabis Stocks In Today’s Market

Right now its seems to be more of a mid to long-term hold for some marijuana stocks. Obviously, this is due to the lack of better trading that is occurring in the cannabis sector. Nevertheless, analysts still feel being prepared for the future is better than not. Meaning they feel it’s only a matter of time before marijuana stocks run once more. Yet even with no concrete way to know for sure getting in while the sector is down can be a big advantage later down the line.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In 2021

  1. Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GDNSF)
  2. TPCO Holding Corp. (OTC:GRAMF)

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc.

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. operates as a physician-led cannabis company in the United States. It cultivates cannabis; manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts. In addition to selling its products through its network of Green Goods. As well as other retail locations, and third-party dispensaries. With this, the company grows and/or processes cannabis in eight markets and operates 16 dispensaries.

The company was formerly known as Vireo Health International Inc. and changed its name to Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. in June 2021. In recent news, the company & Vireo Health join Green Flower and GF Institute. This venture is being done to promote a groundbreaking push for standardized cannabis credentials.

Words From The Chief Medical Officer

“At Goodness Growth Holdings, we believe in leveraging science for better outcomes to achieve scalable improvements to workforce development. GF Institute’s Standardized Certificate program helps to drive our mission of bringing the power of plants to people,” said Dr. Stephen Dahmer, Chief Medical Officer of Goodness Growth Holdings. “GFI’s leadership in bringing leading employers together adds crucial operational transparency to our highly-regulated industry as brands continue to build on the success of recent years and establish trust with patients and consumers with each new interaction.”

GDNSF Stock Performance And Market Update

Looking back at over the last month and a half of trading GDNSF stock has been through its share of volatile trading. Around Mid August GDNSF stock was dropping in momentum as well as in the market. During this time it was tough for GDNSF stock to build up more momentum. From August 19th to the 30th the company overall was trading sideways with some small upticks.

At the start of September, things started to look slightly…

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